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タイトル: 奈良教育大学附属自然環境教育センター奥吉野実習林の高等菌類相 : 1995~97年に発生したキノコとその季節変化
その他のタイトル: Higher mycoflora in the Oku-Yoshino Forest for Practical Exercises, Center for Natural Environment Education, Nara University of Education : Mushrooms occurring in 1995-97 and their seasonal variation
著者: 宮崎, 武司
キーワード: higher mycoflora
seasonal variation
発行日: 2000年3月25日
出版者: 奈良教育大学教育学部附属自然環境教育センター
収録雑誌名: 奈良教育大学附属自然環境教育センター紀要
巻: 3
開始ページ: 13
終了ページ: 44
ISSN: 1347362X
収録種別: 紀要論文
抄録: The higher mycoflora was investigated for three years, 1995-97, in the Oku-Yoshino Forest for Practical Exercises, situated in the southwestern part of Nara Prefecture. The total number of species occurring in the study site was 255. The higher mycoflora mainly consisted of Cosmopolitan and Northern Hemisphere groups. Most of the rest belonged to Eastern North America and Eastern Asia group. The seasonal variation of species number of the Agaricales was unstable in these three years. Two peaks of species number were recognized every year-in early summer and autumn.
言語: jpn
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10105/273
出現コレクション:第3号 (2000)


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